AIMS AND OBJECTIVE

The objectives for which the society is established are as follows :
a)     To Promote and produce documentary  films, video serial, short films, feature films to Socio-economic and Education Literacy Welfare to the members and different tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.
b)     To promote the cultural heritage of all Arunachal tribes through recording and reproducing their values in the form of books, Photographs, documentary films, audio visual cassettes compact disc and spreading of library through charitable educational institution throughout the Arunachal Pradesh in Particular and country as a whole. To patronized and good deeds of agency for Takio Tahi Grove Foundation (T.T.Grove Foundation) of all district of Arunachal Pradesh, indigenous culture, music, languages, dialects, scripts, traditional arts, crafts, games and sports and faith of Arunachal Pradesh.
c)      To promote and preserve rich cultural/traditional practice folk dance/folk songs/ folklore/ literacy and social customary heritage of Arunachal Tribal societies.
d)     To set up and establish audio visual studies, printing press and editing  studio etc. And document the genealogy of offspring of agency for  all member of Takio Tahi Grove Foundation (T.T.Grove Foundation)
e)     To deal with electronic equipment such as computers, cameras or any kind, editing equipment, audio visual recording equipment etc. to help producing films, video serials, photographs, books pamphlets, audio visual cassettes  and compact disc etc.
f)      To promote mutual co-operation, fraternity and brotherhood amongst the Agency for Takio Tahi Grove Foundation (T.T.Grove Foundation) of Papumn Pare area and general people in the area and the state.
g)     To promote unity, integrity, society, quality, oneness, honesty and frugality etc. through self-help, self – reliance, mutual training etc.
h)     To promote mutual benefit of member and the Tribal of Arunachal Pradesh and propagate each for all and for each other, especially on education, cultural, social economic and literacy and films audio-visual etc.
i)       To establish a suitable forum for mutual exchange and sharing of views, ideas, knowledge and experience of members for social up graduation, economic  development, cultural development and literacy upliftment  to the people of Takio Tahi Grove Foundation (T.T.Grove Foundation) as a whole Arunachal Pradesh.
j)       To promote to improve the lot of its members by united  stand ,social economic welfare schemes, credit schemes to its member s of easy payment in installments at thrifty relate with a view to meet the emergency financial need of a member.
k)     To extent emergency financial/moral and any other help to members and the tribal of Arunachal Pradesh, who become victim of natural calamities like fire, flood, earthquake and epidemic etc. and for any other reason, which the executive body may consider.
l)       To promote and import training on acting drama, dance and tradition arts, crafts, weaving of traditional dresses literature, indigenous  scrip /languages etc. of Arunachal Tribes.
m)   To organize and conduct study circles workshop seminar exhibitions relate to tradition teaching of Tribal, folklores and cultural heritage etc.       
n)     To organize and conduct awareness campaign through newspaper, magazines, periodicals, books exhibitions, slideshow documentary and films shows, and teleconferencing etc. of our traditional arts, cultures attires, robs antiques folklores, dialects, language and teaching of great men of men of our tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh.
o)     To promote and preserve human rights particularly of Arunachal Pradesh tribal.
p)     To patronize talented tribal youth with moral and financial assistance etc.